Sean is a co-author and author of several books. Caregivers Wear Plaid is but one. Before founding Stealth Awareness, Inc. in 2007, Sean designed and implemented the Enterprise Information Security Awareness Program at Bank of America. Thus the books on hacking, SCADA, and guides to Safeguarding Sensitive Information Properly. Holding the Moon in the Palm of your Hand is Sean’s first venture into writing self-help books and is written in prose. He is currently working on his next book, “Courageous Worrying.” Ways on how to never worry again. The books below are available for purchase through your favorite online bookstore. Click below to order.

If you want to grab the brass ring in life, Holding the Moon in the Palm of Your Hand will help you find it, grab it, and enjoy it. eBook only at your friendly online bookstore.

Low Tech Hacking shows how anyone how to avoid and defend against some of the simplest and most common hacks. Criminals using hacking techniques can cost corporations millions of dollars a year.

Around the world, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems and other realtime process control networks run mission-critical infrastructure – – everything from the power grid to water treatment, chemical manufacturing to transportation. These networks are at increased risk. Find out why in this why!

A quick reference guide on the 12 SSIP rules managers should be aware of with respect to safeguarding sensitive information properly at their company. This guide is a companion to “A Employee’s Guide to Safeguarding Sensitive Information Properly.”

This employee guide outlines the 12 rules employees should be aware of on how to Safeguard Sensitive Information Properly at the company they work for.