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90% of those living with lupus are women. When Sean began writing Caregivers Wear Plaid (CWP), we knew that a lot of women with lupus would want to learn more about what they and their significant other or caregiver could do to improve their quality of life due to her limitations. Initial reviews of CWP proved that thought to be accurate from one woman who learned a lot through CWP on how to understand her caregiver’s anxiety as they both looked to building a team effort, while coping within this new reality. Patty’s Pajamas shares her thoughts, experience, and the stories of others who have been in a similar situation . . . without naming names! 

Oh I Wished

I have never been one to exercise. When I first started going to physical therapy several years ago, my therapist, Susan, really did a terrific job on me. Stretching me this way and that way, concentrating on areas that were stiff, I can honestly tell you that the best medicine I have received over the years are her expert hands and understanding of my health needs. Nothing has done more for me than physical therapy.

The value of a physical therapist goes beyond however. When I had a compression fracture of my T-7 vertebrae in my upper back, the hospital fitted me for a back brace. Uncomfortable as it was, I knew I would need to wear it. It didn’t seem to be doing the job. When I visited my physical therapist several weeks later, she said: “Who put you in this thing?” The back brace was totally wrong. So when I got to my back surgeon, they agreed and had a new one ordered, delivered personally to the house and shown how to use. Always question when things don’t feel right.

Physical Therapy can be costly, but I am on Medicare and through my doctor’s efforts I have been able to stay in physical therapy for most of the last four years. Don’t discount an exercise or soft yoga program. That was my failure and should not be yours.

What we fail to do over the years can have unintended consequences as we grow older.