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Helping male caregivers live within their loved one’s autoimmune disease limitations


What Others Are Saying

“I really enjoyed Caregivers Wear Plaid!  It certainly made me feel so loved as to what you caregivers do! It mostly gave me time to reflect on how at times, we are very demanding on you. I have tried to be more careful and NOT be so pushy.  I loved it from a Thriver’s point of view.” 

– Carol, a lupus thriver

“Caregivers Wear Plaid is great and an eyeopener. I am sure somebody famous said, and if not, I will say it, “It is not how much you think you know but how little you really knew.”  How little I knew, and the patience necessary to be a good caregiver. I am learning every day.”

– Derek, husband to a lupus thriver

“I think Caregivers Wear Plaid is really going to help so many people! It’s wonderful!”

–  Jenny Prince, CEO & President, Lupus Foundation of America’s North Carolina Chapter

Caregivers Wear Plaid has been a work of love written to share my experience as a caregiver/advocate to my Patty, who has lived with lupus for over 50 years. Caregivers Wear Plaid is FREE but soon will only be available for sale. So, DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY TODAY!